Monday 17 March 2014

more deduplication

Started looking at n-gram near deduplication methods. Nice article in SPIRE
Mariano Consens Gonzalo Navarro (Eds.) String Processing and Information Retrieval: 12th International Conference, SPIRE
(November 2005),%2012%20conf.,%20SPIRE%202005(LNCS3772,%20Springer,%202005)(ISBN%203540297405)(418s).pdf#page=127

Also read about Onion (ONe Instance ONly) for deduplication

Which was developed as part of  Pomik alek's PhD Thesis titled Removing Boilerplate and Duplicate Content from Web Corpora. Available at:

Slides titled "Near Duplicate Data in Web Corpora" by Benko available here: (Also uses OnIOn)

Another paper on n-gram similarity methods: "Classification of RSS-formatted Documents using Full Text similarity Measures" by Wegrzyn-Wolska and Szczepaniak. Available at:

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